Painful Injury Prevention and Treatment

Remember back when you were little and you listened to all of Grandma’s old sayings. I bet she mentioned that old gem that prevention is better than cure. I would have to agree with her. The best way to deal with a painful injury is to take preventative measures so you don’t have to have that unpleasant experience.

Playing sport is a great way of keeping in shape and leading a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, it can also lead to a range of sporting injuries. In Australia the most common sports to cause injuries are Australian rules football (9% of all hospitalisations) and soccer (8% of all hospitalisations, with rugby union, league and other sports together accounting for 7% of all hospitalisations. This information is available via: For younger children skateboarding ranks highly for causing some nasty injuries. Always make sure the children are wearing their protective helmets, and knee and elbow pads so they can be safe while enjoying activities like a day out at Parrey skatepark in Cardiff.

Painful Injury Prevention and Treatment - Painful Injury

Injury prevention is an important part of every exercise or sporting activity. As mentioned above, using the appropriate protective equipment such as the correct footwear, gloves, and mouth guards is a great way to limit the incidence of sporting injuries. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration, use plenty of sunscreen as recommended by the Cancer Council, and, if you are already tender or carrying an injury, do not play.

Painful Injury Prevention and Treatment - Painful Injury

Preparation is the key for any activity and that’s especially true for sport, warming up, stretching, and cooling down is very important. You wouldn’t run a marathon without adequate preparation, so it should be the same for any other exercise you do. If you are not sure of the best strategies for your warm up, book an appointment with Jacci at Transcend Health. Jacci is an Exercise Physiologist in Newcastle. For those who are unfamiliar with the terminology, it means she is an expert in the art of helping you to move better, and live in better health, regardless of your situation. A simpler way to describe it is to think of physiotherapy and personal training combined. During your first 60-minute discovery session, Jacci will listen to you and assess your needs before creating a suitable program to help you to reach your goals. With the correct program in place, you needn’t have any worries about those nasty sporting injuries.

Painful injuries from falls is a key reason for loss of mobility, strength, and independence in our elderly population. There are a few basic steps that can assist with prevention of this type of injury. Remove clutter, remove tripping hazards, install handrails, and use non slip mats in bathrooms and at the front door. If an elderly person does have a fall, it’s not just the physical injuries that can be debilitating, it is the fear of falling again. This fear is called basophobia and this can lead to a loss of confidence and to giving up many treasured activities.

Painful Injury Prevention and Treatment - Painful Injury

Did you know that working with an Exercise Physiologist can help to overcome the fear of falling? Jacci has worked with clients up to and over 80 years of age to assist with increased movement and confidence, and also chronic pain management. For more information, please go to our previous blog on Top Tips for Managing Chronic Pain.

For those who are already suffering from a painful injury, Physiotherapy can be the best treatment. What sets Transcend Health’s Physiotherapy program apart from all the rest is a patient-focused, process-driven approach. They don’t just use hands-on therapy combined with exercise to give the best result, they are with you all the way, continually making changes to improve your situation.

Physiotherapy at Transcend Health takes you through your treatment, gets you back into the gym, and gives you the guidance and education you need to stay pain free. The best thing about seeing a physiotherapist at Transcend Health is that you can see them without a Doctor’s referral, meaning much faster treatment for that painful injury.

If you are experiencing a painful injury, contact the Physiotherapists at Transcend Health for an appointment to access their help and support. Alternatively, if you are looking for proactive injury prevention during this sporting season, book an appointment with Exercise Physiologist, Jacci, at Transcend Health to start your program today. Phone 02 4961 3399 or  email

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