Meet Scott

transcend health

How you started at Transcend Health

I came to Transcend Health to try to sort out a Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow problem I had for a few years, previous physio’s had told me it would just go away after a year or two, but here I was 3 years later with the same problem. After a couple of visits with Duncan and few months of doing my exercises, it was recovered.

After this small miracle I started wondering what else could I fix, I’ve had back and neck problems since my teen years; I’ve tried chiro’s, osteo’s, massages, acupuncture and a few physio’s. Some physio’s would give me a couple of exercises but I would always be back a few weeks later with the same problems.

I had started doing some stretching and light exercise before I met Duncan but hadn’t been too serious about it; one day I just finally decided I was sick of groaning just to get up and down off a chair and wanted to lose my belly so I started Transcends Movement classes.

What do you like about it?

I like the instructors at Transcend, not too serious or too silly but they really know their craft and the fact that they’re all educated and passionate about their Job. I love that it caters to all skill levels and there is always a harder version of something. The focus on body weight exercises mean you can take what you learn home without needing fancy equipment.

How has it changed you?

I started Transcend at 86kg and now down to 72kg. I’m stronger and more flexible than I have ever been and I’ve finally got abs for the first time in my life. I no longer have debilitating neck pain with constant headaches and haven’t needed physio for a long time now.

Future goals

I want to do some of the cool looking calisthenics movements; Press to handstand and Flagpole. Strength moves like a one arm chin-up and Handstand Push-up and flexibility goals like a decent wheel, the splits and pancake. I know these will be a long way away but I’m motivated that we can get there with consistency to live better and pain free… Transcended if you will.

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