Early Intervention for Injured/At Risk Workers

Service Proposal

Early Intervention for injured or at-risk workers is a service provided by Transcend Health to provide early assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries sustained in the workplace. This program allows us to help you manage injuries effectively and return employees to work sooner with advice on work duty modification, effectively reducing time and money lost to injury. The physiotherapy fees are billed directly to you, the employer.

If you’re interested in discussing if this program is suitable for your workplace, please enquire here.

Once we’ve entered into an agreement, our physiotherapists will conduct a pre-determined number of physiotherapy appointments at Transcend Health in Broadmeadow to prevent and treat musculoskeletal injuries sustained at work. Throughout this process, we liase with management and the WHS team to return your employee to suitable duties as soon as possible.

Early Intervention for Injured/At Risk Workers -

The service provided by Transcend Health Pty Ltd will include the following:

Aims and Objectives

Decrease cost of Workers Compensation premiums incurred by the employer.

Communicate frequently and clearly as the needs and capacity of the injured worker changes. In addition to initial and final reports, we are able to provide progress reports as frequently as required.

Increase time and efficiencies:

a. Increase time the injured worker is on-site due to modification of work duties.

b.Increase time and efficiency of Return to Work and WHS team through improved efficiency of communication between treating practitioner and WHS team. Return to Work and WHS team have more time to work proactively on decreasing injury.

Decrease cost of medically treated injuries and lost time injuries:

a. Identifying, triaging, and treating severity of injuries. This will eliminate unnecessary claims for minor injuries.

b. Providing more accurate and appropriate advice on serious injuries will prevent and decrease length of lost time injuries.

Decrease cost of displaced workers:

a. Proactive treatment facilitates optimal return to pre-injury duties by the worker, decreasing the cost of hiring a temporary contractor to fill the injured worker’s role whilst still having to pay the injured employee to perform a role that is of lower value to the company.


You can check out the latest rates here.

The rate has been gazetted and benched marked to the NSW Workers compensation schedule of fees:

ItemWC NSW Min Gazetted consult timeWC NSW Gazzeted consult Rate
Intial Consult (PTA001)60 minutes$129.30
Standard Subsequent Consult (PTA002)30 minutes$87.70
Report Writing $17/5 min +GST
Travel $0.72/km +GST plus time travelled

Cost of equipment provided to the injured worker:

As required on an individual case basis, up to but not exceeding $100 per case without approval.

As per the current NSW Workers Compensation Schedule of all “Incidental expenses” relating to equipment needed by the injured worker are invoiced at the retail cost price for the individual clinic without approval for up to $100 per case.


Billed as per fee schedule of $17/5 minutes to complete a report.


Should travel to the injured worker’s site be necessary for workplace assessment or return to work coordination, the travel will be calculated as $0.72 per kilometre + GST in addition to travel time (i.e. travel of 10 minutes calculated at 1/6 of the hourly fee of $129.30 = $21.55, plus $0.72 + GST per kilometre travelled).

Early Intervention for Injured/At Risk Workers Form