Autumn Workouts in Newcastle

The end of Summer is a sad time for many people but the cool, crisp air of Autumn can be a great motivator to breathe new life into your workouts. Beginning work on your own exercise program now can carry you through the cooler months and avoid the Winter weight blow out.

Start out slowly with a planned activity every three days and build up as you feel fitter.

Here are some great methods to keep fit around Newcastle this Autumn:

Autumn Workouts in Newcastle - Autumn

Go for a walk at Blackbutt Reserve

Walking is a simple way to increase your fitness. Just think how pleasant it will be without the oppressive humidity of Summer holding you back. Here are a few tips when planning a walk at Blackbutt Reserve:

  • Try to complete your walk at the same time each day. This will assist in making it a habit and part of your daily routine
  • Set your goals and be willing to get up a little earlier to fit this into your day
  • Plan your walks to take advantage of the beautiful colours Autumn has to offer

Blackbutt Reserve has 9 walking trails on offer. Not only will you increase your fitness levels, but you’ll also see native flora and fauna in the lush rainforest that is Blackbutt Reserve.

Blackbutt Reserve is located at Carnley Avenue, Kotara NSW 2289.

Autumn Workouts in Newcastle - Autumn

Run along the scenic Merewether Beach

The key to being comfortable while running in Autumn is to dress in layers and be prepared to wear reflective safety gear if you are out early or late. Merewether Beach provides the perfect backdrop when exercising. Here’s our advice:

  • Be sure to vary your route to take advantage of the changing Autumn scenery
  • Run with a friend as this will keep you both motivated

While you’re there, take a look at the Newcastle Memorial Walk.

Autumn Workouts in Newcastle - Autumn

Work out indoors

This is an ideal way to avoid the bad weather and to put some extra spice into your exercise routine. Whether you go to a Newcastle gym, fitness class, or local pool, there are many different options on days with bad weather. Here are a few tips for working out indoors:

  • Don’t restrict yourself to one type of exercise. Varying the routine will not only improve fitness to more parts of the body but it will make the workout more interesting
  • Come in to Transcend Health so they can set up a routine to help you get off on the right foot towards your fitness goals.
  • Engage an exercise physiologist to assist with fitness and movement goals
  • SG-Movit classes at Transcend Health are a great way to meet with friends and encourage each other to stay on track. These classes allow for a more in-depth, personalised program, with testing and tracking to guarantee your results!
  • Swimming at the gym can give a great low impact, full body workout.
Autumn Workouts in Newcastle - Autumn

Exercise at Home

Exercising at home can be a fantastic way to get fit, especially if you are on a budget. However, this does require a much higher degree of discipline as it is very easy to get sidetracked. Even exercise physiologist, Jacci found it difficult to exercise at home. By scheduling regular exercise into her weekly routine she was able to overcome this and to find an effective way to get her daily dose of exercise.

Things to consider when exercising at home include:

  • Flexibility is the way to go with this but it must still be worked into your routine to make it a habit
  • It is great to have the convenience of a home gym. There is no time lost packing exercise gear or travelling to the gym
  • Take advantage of exercise apps to measure your progress.

Exercising can also lead to tremendous improvements in mental health. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins are also responsible for that lovely positive feeling you experience during and after exercise.

At Transcend Health, we offer a great range of services to realise your Autumn exercise aspirations.

We all have different goals in life and it is the same with exercise and fitness. A personalised program created by Jacci, our resident Exercise Physiologist, to reflect your own goals, means you can start gently and progress at your own speed. Jacci will take the time to ensure you are completing each movement correctly to get the best result. Exercising has never been easier with Transcend Health.

Transcend Health also provide ample support on your journey with individual appointments, small group exercise classes and yoga classes. Physiotherapy services are also available if you are coming to Transcend Health as a result of an injury.

For those who would like to know more, Exercise Physiology is the study of the body’s responses to physical activity. These responses include changes in metabolism and the physiology of different areas of the body like the heart, lungs, and muscles, through to structural changes in cells. There are many key differences between exercise physiology  and personal training. The best way to check out these differences is to refer to our previous blog.

Please contact Transcend Health for an appointment to start your Autumn exercise program. Call us on 02 4961 3399 or email

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