Sweat Together, Stay Together: Active Date Ideas

Sometimes it’s easy to fall into the habit of forming dates around food or a movie/Netflix binge. While you might enjoy these dates, it’s important (particularly when we leave summer towards the cooler months) that it doesn’t become the go-to date idea.  While eating delicious food or treating yourself to Gold Class at the cinema is enjoyable, your dates shouldn’t always revolve around food or a movie, here’s why.

Instead of going out for a meal and drinks on your next date, you might want to try a healthier alternative. Active dates are a good opportunity to get outside, have fun, and get your endorphins flowing and adrenaline pumping!

Getting active with your partner means you can have a shared goal or help each other achieve your individual fitness goals. You can deepen your connection, while working towards better health!

Here are 16 active date ideas to get your partner and yourself moving:

Sweat Together, Stay Together: Active Date Ideas - Date Idea


Spend time with your partner while fitting in a great arm workout! Kayaking and canoeing are easy to pick up, with equipment available for hire around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. Take advantage of living close to the lake and rent a couple kayak for the afternoon. It’s a popular lake activity that’s relatively easy to do. If you already own a kayak, what are you waiting for?

rock climbing newcastle
Photos: @nicki.sharpe

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can take you to incredible scenery. Be smart, if you’ve never tried rock-climbing before, you don’t want to head out on a day trip scaling rocks with only your partner, a phone with no reception and minimal food. It’s best to try out indoor rock climbing first, build your skill (and strength) and learn about the limits of your body before trying to scale a mountain. Indoor rock-climbing places usually cater for all fitness levels, and can become a great hobby or date night idea.
Rock climbing can be the ultimate trust test- will your partner catch you if you fall?

bike tracks newcastle


A great active date idea for both high intensity workouts and cruisy afternoon rides. There’s plenty of information available about the best bike trails in Newcastle and surrounds, whether it’s mountain biking or a smooth, low key ride.

You can find more information about bike trails and paths on the Newcastle City Council website.

If you don’t own a bike yourself, there are bikes around Newcastle available for hire:

Automated Bike Rental

active date ideas newcastle


Not a typical date idea, but it allows you to spend quality time together, working towards a shared goal of a healthier lifestyle! Head to a local gym or an outdoor sports class to try boxing with your partner with the guidance and help from a trainer.

active date ideas newcastle


Who said ice-skating is only for kids or school sports groups? It’s something different that you might not think of when deciding on your next date idea. Consider ice-skating for your next date, keep it active, experience the cool climate of the indoor skate rink, and you can treat yourself to a hot chocolate at the café afterwards. Check out our local ice-skating stadium to view their calendar of public skating times.

exercise couple


Whether it’s around the block or a loop of the lake, running is a great active date idea for you and your partner. It’s free, you can do it anywhere, and it’s something you can continue weekly (or even daily if you can). Running with your partner will give you extra motivation, you can support each other in achieving your fitness goals, practice patience, and spend quality time uninterrupted by technology!

Take advantage of the amazing running tracks we have in Newcastle, particularly those along the beaches, running alongside your partner with fresh air and a panoramic view of Newcastle’s best beaches- what more could you want?

couple exercises

Walking the Dogs

Pets can sometimes be the perfect motivation to get you moving and out of the house! They need to go on frequent walks, so if your schedules match, it’s a great idea to walk the dog with your partner. Whether if it’s in the early morning or late at night, it’s a nice way to take your mind off work or other things happening in your life, enjoy your surroundings, and catch up with your partner, all while getting your dog out of the house and exercising yourself.

Find a leash free area near you.

couple fitness


If you’re more interested in hiking than a cruisy stroll, there are plenty of areas around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie to get your hiking fix!

Blackbutt Reserve

Glenrock State Conservation Reserve

Awabakal Nature Reserve

Sweat Together, Stay Together: Active Date Ideas - Date Idea

National Park

active date ideas


While this may not be for everyone, dancing is the perfect active date idea to try with your partner. Whether you want a freestyle class for beginners, a salsa class or ballroom dancing, there’s plenty of options for dance classes in Newcastle. Once you learn the moves you can put on your favourite song at home, find a space and dance around with your partner!

active date ideas


Increase your flexibility and practice being in the moment with a yoga class.

30 benefits of yoga:

  1. Increased flexibility
  2. Perfects your posture
  3. Improves joint articulation and movement
  4. Increased muscle strength and tone
  5. Improved respiration, energy and vitality
  6. Maintaining a balanced metabolism
  7. Weight reduction
  8. Cardio and circulatory health
  9. Improved athletic performance
  10. Protection from injury
  11. Better bone health
  12. Protects your spine
  13. Increased blood circulation
  14. Boosts immunity and drains lymph’s
  15. Reduced blood pressure
  16. Regulates your adrenal glands
  17. Makes you happier
  18. Helps you focus
  19. Aids with a healthy lifestyle
  20. Relaxes your body
  21. Improves your balance
  22. Releases tension
  23. Helps you sleep deeper
  24. Improves breathing depth
  25. Aids in digestive health
  26. Increases your self-esteem
  27. Eases aches and pains
  28. Connect with happy, healthy people
  29. Reduce dependence on medications
  30. Encourages self-care

Book a yoga class today!

trampoline fitness couples

Trampoline Fitness

A fun type of fitness for you to try with your partner. There are a few trampoline centres spread across Newcastle. If you’re going during the week, call ahead incase there’s a school group booked in.

stand up paddle boarding newcastle

Stand up paddle boarding

The perfect alternative if you haven’t quite mastered surfing. Stand up paddle boarding is a relaxing but fun water activity.

newcastle tennis


Playing sports with your partner will allow you to discover, if you haven’t already, just how competitive they are and how they react in certain situations (so be prepared). Will they be a racket thrower or accept defeat gracefully? Regardless, tennis is a great way to stay active. Practice at your local tennis court, or if it’s a rainy day, start up the Wii fit tennis game (just don’t throw the controller).

White water rafting

If you’re a thrill seeker and don’t mind spending a bit of money, white water rafting is a great idea for an outdoor activity to do with your partner. White water rafting is an adrenaline pumping adventure that gets you outdoors, allows you to bond and connects you with new people who are looking for a thrill too!

active date ideas

Laser tag

Whether you want to run around with your partner or organise for a group to go, laser tag is a fun way to be active. They’re only short games, so don’t rely on this as your only exercise, but it’s a nice shake up to the usual dinner and a movie kind of date.

Running a marathon

Okay, this one may take some training, but it’s a shared goal you can work towards and once you’ve ticked it off the list, it’s a great achievement to celebrate together! Before you sign up for a marathon, you can try joining in on the Newy ParkRun (5km). It happens every Saturday at 8am, so could be a good chance to set aside consistent, quality, active time together with your partner. There are a bunch of different marathons you can enter, from traditional, competitive runs, to marathons filled with fun and laughter, there’s something for everyone. Have a look at NewRun, Tough Mudder, and Color Run.

Hopefully something above sparked your interest, more so than the stale dinner and movie date idea. Keeping active with your partner is a great way to deepen your connection, spend quality time together, and have a shared goal that you can both work towards.

Sweat Together, Stay Together: Active Date Ideas - Date Idea

Achieve your shared exercise goals at Transcend Health

Keep your fitness journey moving along and work towards your goals together with us at Transcend Health.

Couples who train together, stay together-  it fosters feelings of connection, common achievement and shared interest!

We offer yoga classes, movement classes and small group exercise physiology classes (you’ll have to pair up with another couple for that one- minimum is 4 people). We have qualified physiotherapists and exercise physiologists to assist you on your journey and help you move beyond mediocrity! Call us on 02 4961 3399 or email hello@transcendhealth.com.au to learn more.

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