Remedial Massage for Newcastle Office Workers

How many hours do you spend at your office desk looking at a laptop/computer?

Consider your posture as you sit…do you:

  • slouch?
  • cross your legs?
  • reach too far for the mouse or keypad?
  • sit in the same position for hours?

These are but a few causes of why you potentially feel pain when you are seemingly doing not much at all.

Our bodies are designed to move and sitting for hours at a time can contribute to pain and stiffness in legs, buttocks, backs, shoulders and necks.  Poor posture at the desk can even contribute to headaches.

Our remedial massage services in Newcastle relieves tension, softening the muscles which decreases the pain and stiffness. Once this tension is reduced the body will be free to re-adapt a healthy posture.

Office environments are generally air conditioned which contributes to dehydrating the body. Newcastle Remedial massage increases circulation allowing new blood to move through the body bringing water, oxygen and nutrients to the once dehydrated muscles.

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