BNI is a worldwide business networking organisation. Duncan was fortunate enough to present to one of the local chapters in Newcastle NSW. There is a complimentary copy of the slides here to help you follow along. Or you can watch the slide show presentation from the recording here or below:

The episode starts with Ollie giving a brief introduction and context to the presentation. How it flows from episode one of the podcasts.

Since COVID 19, the landscape of healthcare has changed and how physiotherapy is delivered. With online Telehealth mediums being used. How can physio be delivered on-line? Given massage, manipulation and other hands-on techniques used to treat pain cannot be used. Duncan refers to this at the beginning of the presentation.

Pain is made up of many pieces. The pain experience we have can be influenced by age, injury, arthritis, your scans (MRI, ultrasound, Xray etc), diagnosis, being overweight, stress and much more. How important are all these pieces of the puzzle individually depends on you. Hear how you can get a better idea of your pain.

It’s important to look at some of the common misunderstandings, misconception and myths with pain. We touch on how the following are poorly understood. These are some of those misunderstandings we often hear when treating patients.

  • Pain equals damage
  • Pain is in my head
  • My bad posture is causing pain
  • Massage loosens my muscles
  • Rest is good for treating pain

Once you have a little more understanding it’s all about taking control of the pain.

How well you are empowered by your health care professional. The rapport and relationship you have with your physio, chiro, osteo or doctor are 2 x more effective than the actual treatment technique use (Lambert et al 2012). Having your pain experience understood and validated is hugely important.

Then we here about the Transcend Health treatment model. How it can be applied by you at home, over Telehealth, video conferencing and in person.

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