Meet Yvonne

Yvonne came to us at Transcend Health with significant pain. Originally referred by her Bowen therapist for physiotherapy, Yvonne worked with Caity and Jacci to achieve some amazing results. We were incredibly impressed with Yvonne’s dedication and diligence in completing the home exercises we prescribed. She was rewarded with a pain-free spring in her step!

Meet Yvonne - Yvonne

Yvonne initially came to work with Jacci and Caity due to significant hip and knee pain that caused her to have difficulty walking. Reliant on a stick for balance and mobility, adherence to regular exercise was at the centre of her treatment.

Q: What were the main goals that you were hoping to achieve with our help?

A: To be able to walk again without pain and stop waddling.

When Yvonne first came to us, it took her 35 minutes to walk from the bus stop to Transcend Health. After just 6 weeks of Exercise Physiology, Yvonne was able to complete the same walk in under 15minutes!

Q: In what way has Jacci and Caity helped you achieve these goals?

A: By their patience and care

Caity and Jacci both emphasized the importance of Yvonne’s home exercise program and took the time to teach her the moves that gave the most benefit. Narrowing it down to two key exercises, Yvonne was able to control her pain in seconds. From here, we could focus on improving strength and balance.

Q: What’s the biggest benefit you’ve noticed since coming to Transcend?

A: I am able to walk properly again

In only 3 weeks of working with Jacci, Yvonne was able to ditch her stick and walk up the stairs at Transcend Health. By the 5th week, Yvonne was virtually sprinting up the stairs!

Q: Any advice for anyone thinking of coming to Transcend Health?

A: Just go – you will be well looked after.

Yvonne’s success story is one of our favourites. We are so happy to have shared this success with her and to be able to share her story with you!

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