Meet Our Member – Jan

Meet our Member – Jan Cleary

Meet Our Member – Jan - Jan

Drop in to Transcend Health and you’re likely to run into Jan. Jan attends our Age-ility Class every week, known for winding Duncan up and making the group howl with laughter. Let’s get to know Jan.

Q: Hi Jan, what’s two of the best things about Transcend Health?

A: I have had much better movement since coming to Transcend, physically I’ve noticed my mobility has improved. On a personal note, I love coming here because I feel comfortable in the space, welcome, and accepted.

Q: That’s really nice to hear, and exactly the environment we want to create. Can you think of a skill or movement you are able to do now that you couldn’t do before?

A: It might not be the answer you expect, but with my disability, I wasn’t able to easily stand up before coming here. I had to use my hands a lot. Now I can stand up using only my leg power.

Q: So an increase in your physical strength that has led to better movement with everyday life activities. Can you tell us, on a personal level with your disability, what significance does Transcend Health make to you.

A: I really do feel normal when I come here. I have a great connection with Duncan, and the team at Transcend, I feel every exercise can be adjusted for me, and I’m always included. The hardest part is taking the chair-lift up those stairs because that makes me  ‘stand out’ , but once I’m in the class I just love it.

Q: We are really glad you feel that way. If you were to encourage other people to try the Age-ility class, what would you say to them?

A: Trust yourself, and give it a try.

Does someone you love sound like Jan? If you can think of them, please share Jan’s story and help inspire them to find better movement.

Age-ility class offers mobility, strength, flexibility, meditation and core activation exercises.

The best part is that Age-ility runs three times per week

  • Monday 4.45pm
  • Friday Age-ility Yoga 10.30am

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