Meet our Member – Dan Daley

Meet Our Member – Dan Daley

Meet our Member – Dan Daley - Dan Daley

Meet Dan! He’s a face you are sure to see at Transcend Health, and around Newy! Dan loves to surf, run, slack line, skate, handstand, and hike. In fact we can’t think of a type of activity Dan doesn’t like!!

Super active, enthusiastic, good-natured, and an all round top bloke. Dan lets us in on why he loves Transcend Health.

Q: Hey Dan, when did you first rock up at Transcend Health, and why?

A: Early 2016 when it was first held in the park. I started because I always had a sore back and it was stopping me from surfing

Q: Did you have a movement goal for 2017? What can you do now that you couldn’t do a year ago?

A: Yes to be able to hold a handstand. Now I’m holding it and starting to make different shapes!

Q: Why do you recommend so many people to Transcend Health?

A: Because its fun! I am stronger now than I ever have been, and I am able to do all the activities that I love to do!

Q: What is something that you’ve learnt about Duncan that no one else knows?

A: That deep down… deep, deep down… he’s a very caring, and loving person.

Sounds to us like Transcend Health brought Dan a great bro-mance with Duncan, and huge results in movement and health.

If your New Years Resolution is to move and feel better, and have more time for things you love…

Call 4961 3399 and we’ll help you get started! 

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