Meet Karen

Why Perseverance Is Key

Karen started Physio in May this year for knee pain.

She came in looking for an alternative to more surgery, and she found it.

Karen realised to get the results she wanted, she had to do the exercises given to her. Everyday.

What followed was a perfect example of how persistence pays off.

Karen is now pain free, she can walk to work, take the stairs and days go by where she forgets about her knee altogether.

Karen’s story got me thinking about how Transcend Health is like walking in one door and having three exits to choose from.
One exit is painted Yellow. You don’t do your exercises. Nothing changes, but nothing is gained

The second door is Red. You don’t do your exercises or come to your appointments. You feel the same, sometimes worse.

The last door is Green. You show up, progress through the programs written for you, give it your best effort, and over time you get better.

newcastle training and recovery
It’s not a quick fix, and no one can do it for you, but isn’t the end result is so much more satisfying that way? Pick the Green Door- be like Karen.

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