The Healthy Change Challenge

Healthy Change Challenge (HCC) is a fun, empowering and community engaging holistic health program for people with a disability and/or mental illness. The Challengers (participants) learn to conduct their own exercise, shopping, cooking and mindfulness/meditation sessions in collaborative teams with little to no intervention from staff. The Challengers also take it one step further and run free exercise sessions for the general public and for other marginalised groups.

The Healthy Change Challenge -

HCC is always innovative and creative in what they do. Routine is boring, and they are all about variety and finding what people like and enjoy so they practice it on a regular basis improving long-term lifestyles.


The team at HCC handpick the best people at engaging with the Challengers and bring them into the program. We are honoured to be counted amongst the talented trainers and health professionals who have the privilege to be involved with the Challengers. Jacci, our exercise physiologist heads our team working closely with the Challengers regularly, both in the park and at Transcend Health

The Healthy Change Challenge -
Taking flight with some active back extensions (aka Supermans!)

HCC is a registered NDIS/NDIA provider but is also a social enterprise. 100% of donations, grants or sponsorship money is used to open the program to any willing marginalised people in the Hunter Region and soon across New South Wales and Australia.


The Healthy Change Challenge -
Georgia doing an excellent modified chest press


The Healthy Change Challenge - The Healthy Change Challenge - The Healthy Change Challenge -

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