Remedial Massage incorporates Sports, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy and Positional Release Techniques (just to name a few).  Remedial Massage helps alleive pain, restriction, inflammation and allows a sense of wellbeing to return to the body.  The treatment is tailored to your body’s needs and your health objectives.  Most of the population ignores pain until the body refuses to deal with it any longer.

Some causes of pain and muscle restriction are;

  • Stress (e.g. family, work, chronic illness or injury)
  • Sitting for extended periods at a desk, computer, vehicle or plane
  • Over exercise or under exercise
  • Physical conditions (e.g. Osteoarthritis, Cerebal Palsy)
  • Neurological conditions (e.g. Parkinson’s Disease, Migraines)  

Daily activities, work, sport, injury or disease are managed well with regular Remedial Massage.

  • A 60 minute Remedial Massage treatment – ensures specific needs are met.
  • A 90 minute Remedial Massage treatment – allows time for head to toe needs to be met.

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Remedial Massage

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