Meet Our Member – Sue

Meet Our Member – Sue Zeltins

Meet Our Member – Sue - Sue

Q: What made you choose Transcend Health?

A: I was seeing a Physio for a weak, and painful lower back, and shoulder. I was finding the exercises boring, slow, and uninspiring so I lost motivation.

Duncan’s classes came up as a fun, active alternative, and the rest is history!

Now Transcend has yoga (YAY!!!) thanks to Caity, and I’ve just started Jacci’s Tuesday evening class, which includes weights, so I’m really happy with my weekly exercise regime.

Q: What keeps you inspired to live a healthy and active lifestyle?

A: A vego diet, and exercise (+ chocolate and red wine), have always been an integral part of making happy days for me. Transcend classes, yoga, copious walking, and bike riding help to build strength, balance, and create energy. A daily practice to stave off the aches and creaks that accompany the passing years.

Q: What is a fitness/ health/ movement goal that Transcend Health has helped you to achieve?

A: There are still many unattained goals, like a comfortable and “enjoyable” flat-footed deep squat (simple you say – not for many stiletto-wearing women), and a powerful unsupported handstand at the other extreme. I am working towards building Duncan-like core strength … he does assure me that he is the exception rather than the rule.

On the other hand my body has become stronger with greater balance, and stamina. I have more understanding of the workings of my own body, and I no longer live with constant lower back and shoulder pain (Hallelujah!!). On top of all of that, the fun, friendly atmosphere at Transcend Health, with tons of shared laughs is always something I look forward to.

Q: You always look so stylish in classes, what is your philosophy around looking good and feeling good?

A: Oh gee!! Thanks Caity!!! I’m a big believer that feeling, and looking healthy and happy go hand in hand. If you can throw a cute little Lorna or Dharma Bums in to the mix, it’s just the cherry on top of the cake for me.

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