Meet Our Member – Leslie

Meet Our Member – Leslie Hopping

Meet Our Member – Leslie - Leslie

One day Leslie walked in to Transcend Health and since that moment her life hasn’t been the same.

Leslie locked eyes with our Exercise Physiologist, Jacci, and knew she’d met “the one”.

Leslie told Jacci she had put on 5kg every year for that past five years, and was particularly disheartened when she had attempted rigorous boot camp three times a week, and still put on weight. Leslie also had ongoing calf and hip problems.

The first thing Jacci told her to do, was stop, and re-evaluate her approach to weight loss. Jacci outlined a plan, and together they executed it perfectly. The result? Phenomenal!
Leslie has lost 5kg since seeing Jacci, her calf and hip pain was abolished, and Leslie is now attending Yoga, and Age-ility classes at Transcend Health!

This is what Leslie had to say about her experience at Transcend Health

“I began attending Transcend Health because my son dislocated his knee in March 2017. Caity got him back on his feet, back to work, and full duties in no time at all. I made good use of my waiting time by seeing Jacci during these visits”

“Jacci began to show me how every part of my body is supposed to move and gave me exercises to get me moving. In just a few months I have become pain-free!”

“I love the family atmosphere, kindness, and genuine care, and respect at this practice. I love the fun and laughter encouraged by Duncan, and I can not stop recommending these beautiful people”

Do you experience similar difficulties with weight loss?  Do you have pain in your back, hip, calf or foot that nobody else can figure out? Let us help! Book in to see Jacci, Duncan, or Caity online via our website or Facebook Page, or call 4961 3399.

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