Meet our Member – Kate

Meet our Member – Kate Flint

Meet our Member – Kate - Kate

Transcend Health offers Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy, and group exercise classes. All under one roof! Our classes are run by qualified health professionals, trained to keep you safe, and moving well.

If you become a member, you can access unlimited group exercise classes (Yoga, Run Free, Move Beyond Mediocrity, Age-ility), AND you receive discounts on Exercise Physiology, and Physiotherapy consults.

Meet our member KATE FLINT. Who has impressed us with her commitment to not only group classes (Age-ility, Move Beyond Mediocrity, Yoga), but to Exercise Physiology AND Physiotherapy.

Kate wants to keep her body strong, fit, flexible and pain-free so she can enjoy life. Let’s find out why she loves Transcend so much.

Q:          Hi Kate, what made you join Transcend Health as a member?

A:           I came to Transcend because of my friend, Dan Daley referring me. We were talking about our injuries, and he suggested I try it. I’d tried so many things, and I still wasn’t back running so I thought, “Why not?”

Q:          What do you like most about our group exercise classes?

A:           I like that the classes are small, that everyone is positive. There are exercise options for everyone. It’s not competitive, it’s nurturing and it’s Fun!

Q:          What improvements have you noticed in your body since joining Transcend Health?

A:           My push up technique specifically has gotten better, and I feel very positive mentally.

Q:          Why would you recommend Transcend Health to your friends?

A:           For all of the reasons above. It’s fun, nurturing and it seems to be working for me! I suppose I don’t want to tell too many people because I like the small groups!![/fusion_text]

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