Meet our Member – Chris

Meet our Member – Chris

Meet our Member – Chris - Chris

The Transcend Journey started in July 2016 for Chris. He was told nothing more could be done for his knee after his 7th operation, and regular physiotherapy. Chris had heard of Jacci’s passion in the field of injury management, and he wasn’t disappointed with his results.

When asked about the change he’s noticed in his knee Chris said “I wasn’t able to be on my feet for very long, nor could I do basic exercises without crippling pain… [since seeing Jacci] my pain has gone from high to barely noticeable… I was told I would never run again, but with the guidance and exercises, I have been able to run for the first time in 12 years… Most of all, besides the physical benefits, by coming to Transcend I have found a strong feeling of self-worth”.

Chris has recommended Transcend to people because of two key things. One; the entire team value and care about you, not just as a client but as a person. Two; the classes allow you to improve fitness in a safe, and fun environment.

The whole team at Transcend Health would like to acknowledge Chris for his big part in our community. Chris is known for baking incredible birthday cakes, organising hikes for our members, and regularly sending encouraging messages to our clinicians.

If you haven’t met Chris, definitely get chatting to him. Chris has a passion for photography, in particular capturing photos of animals. Chris is often seen with a camera in hand and if you check out his Instagram you’ll be very impressed.

Ps. From Chris. “Everyone is Awesome.”

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