Meet Our Member – Bridget

Meet our Member – Bridget

Meet Our Member – Bridget - Bridget

Bridget has been a member of Transcend Health since July 2016. We think she’s amazing, so here’s a snapshot of how she Moves Beyond Mediocrity

Q: Hey Brig, tell me about the best thing that’s happened to you, since joining Transcend Health?

B: For me, the biggest change has been facing my fears and building more self-confidence. Before joining I would never have attempted a muscle up (because that’s a ‘boy’ exercise) or a backbend. Now I’m willing to give anything a try.

Q: That’s awesome and we have noticed that personal growth too! What sort of physical changes have you experienced?

B: This time last year I was 15 kilograms heavier! I have a lot more energy now, and I’m more confident with my body.

Q: Congratulations that’s such a huge deal! Can you tell us, what’s your favourite new movement skill, and what’s your favourite class?

B: Duncan’s Move Beyond Mediocrity is my favourite class. I can now touch my whole palm to the ground when I bend forward! I used to not be able to touch my toes. And I can do a ‘wheel’ or ‘backbend’ now.

Q: That’s so good! Brig, you are attending heaps of classes, what’s something you love about coming here?

B: The community. Everyone is so nice!

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