Meet our Member – Ange

Meet our Member – Angharad Carter

Meet our Member – Ange - Ange

Q: What brought you to Transcend Health, and what do you like about it?

A: I’ve been interested in functional movement for a while, with an idea that increasing mobility and strength in a full range of movement will improve my chronic musculoskeletal pain. I heard about Transcend Health and it sounded like a good fit for what I was after.

Q: What is your movement goal this year?

A: Hang for 30 seconds

Q: What advice would you give to people who want to start movement, but think they won’t be good enough?

A: Everyone should start movement and work to their ability, and accept themselves for where they start at, don’t try to push too hard and injure themselves. They’ll find (like I have) that they gradually improve with time, and be amazed what they can build up to, and how far they’ve come.

Q: What is your personal philosophy about health and well being?

A: My philosophy for health and wellbeing is to be natural as possible. Natural (functional) movement, cook fresh food, spend quality time with family/friends. All pretty basic stuff but so important.

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