Newcastle and the Hunter Marathon Guide for 2020Newcastle and the Hunter Marathon Guide for 2020

Get Running in your local area People enjoy running in marathons for various reasons.  Whether it’s for weight loss, to support charities and bring awareness to a charity that is close to someone’s heart, to improve fitness, to be social by running with their local running group or just for run. Whatever your reason is, […]

Painful Injury Prevention and TreatmentPainful Injury Prevention and Treatment

Remember back when you were little and you listened to all of Grandma’s old sayings. I bet she mentioned that old gem that prevention is better than cure. I would have to agree with her. The best way to deal with a painful injury is to take preventative measures so you don’t have to have […]

7 things you need to know before you start running7 things you need to know before you start running

With the running season coming upon us, runners nationwide are lacing up and hitting the pavement. Amongst the excitement of stepping up to the start line of the event that they’ve trained for, there could be feelings of anxiety, self-doubt and trepidation of what will be faced out on the course.  Dear fellow runners, In […]

Physios go runningPhysios go running

Written By Caity This year my boyfriend and I decided to train for our first ever marathon. Well, I may have persuaded him a little (a lot). We are both Physios and have run a few half marathons, and a City to Surf together. Naturally, I thought, what could go wrong? This week we have […]