Exercising When You’re Sickexercising when you're sick

Many people wonder whether exercising while being sick will help or hinder their recovery. The answer will depend on many things, including just how sick you are. Mild to moderate exercise is usually okay if you have a mild cold and no fever. Exercise may be beneficial in temporarily relieving nasal congestion. With cold weather […]

Painful Injury Prevention and TreatmentPainful Injury Prevention and Treatment

Remember back when you were little and you listened to all of Grandma’s old sayings. I bet she mentioned that old gem that prevention is better than cure. I would have to agree with her. The best way to deal with a painful injury is to take preventative measures so you don’t have to have […]

Healthy Body, Happy Mind: 7 Apps to Help Manage Your Mental HealthHealthy Body, Happy Mind: 7 Apps to Help Manage Your Mental Health

Finding the balance of physical and mental health When it comes to health and taking care of yourself, a holistic approach is always best. Health is a balance of physical and mental health, meaning neither should be neglected. Exercise provides a mood boost, thanks to the release of endorphins, which can give someone a more […]

Restore Your Gut Flora and Improve Your HealthRestore Your Gut Flora and Improve Your Health

You may have heard all the hype lately about gut health, but do you know why it’s so important? One of the guts most important jobs is to act as a storage site for friendly bacteria, for every human cell there is 10 microbes and most of these live in your digestive tract. Think of […]

Why getting enough sleep is a big dealWhy getting enough sleep is a big deal

How well do you sleep? Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the keys to good health. The more we learn about sleep, the more we realise it may be important in maintaining a healthy weight. Research has shown an association between sleep and obesity, with a lack of sleep having a reported 15-50% […]