Overtraining in the General PopulationOvertraining in the General Population

Overtraining in the general population What it means for performance   What is overtraining? To overtrain is to work beyond the bodies capacity to recover. Overtraining is caused by reduced recovery time between training efforts, or increased training intensity (frequency, load, duration). The most easily felt symptoms are fatigue (despite good sleep and good quality […]

Painful Injury Prevention and TreatmentPainful Injury Prevention and Treatment

Remember back when you were little and you listened to all of Grandma’s old sayings. I bet she mentioned that old gem that prevention is better than cure. I would have to agree with her. The best way to deal with a painful injury is to take preventative measures so you don’t have to have […]

What’s the difference between Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy?What's the difference between Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy

Rather than being roped in by buzz words when it comes to your health, it’s good to know which health professionals can assist you the most. When recovering from an injury or trying to prevent one from happening by strengthening your body, you don’t want to be taking risks.  Exercise physiologists and physiotherapists are health […]

How Can a Physiotherapist Help Your Osteoarthritis?How Can a Physiotherapist Help Your Osteoarthritis?

First, let’s take a look at what osteoarthritis actually is. Osteoarthritis is a chronic disorder that affects movable joints, compromising the articular cartilage, underlying subchondral bone, and surrounding soft tissues (Palmieri-Smith et al., 2017). It mostly affects the hands, spine and joints such as hips, knees and ankles. It is the predominant condition leading to […]