Why is Personal Growth Important?Why is Personal Growth Important? -

Personal Development and Growth: the what, why and how of bettering the self and how to start a personal growth plan today Personal growth is the process of an individual becoming aware of the ‘self’ in its entirety, followed by taking steps to address the behaviour, attitudes, values, actions and habits that they wish to […]

Overtraining in the General PopulationOvertraining in the General Population

Overtraining in the general population What it means for performance   What is overtraining? To overtrain is to work beyond the bodies capacity to recover. Overtraining is caused by reduced recovery time between training efforts, or increased training intensity (frequency, load, duration). The most easily felt symptoms are fatigue (despite good sleep and good quality […]

Transcend Health: Duncan’s StoryTranscend Health: Duncan’s Story

“You must find it really satisfying helping people”. Clients of Transcend Health say this to me all the time. Typically, I would answer in my cheerful way “oh, you know, most days”. Honestly, 85% of the time, I love it, but, this hasn’t always been the case. After a few years practicing, most physio’s start […]