Painful Injury Prevention and TreatmentPainful Injury Prevention and Treatment 1

Remember back when you were little and you listened to all of Grandma’s old sayings. I bet she mentioned that old gem that prevention is better than cure. I would have to agree with her. The best way to deal with a painful injury is to take preventative measures so you don’t have to have […]

Autumn Workouts in NewcastleAutumn Workouts in Newcastle 5

The end of Summer is a sad time for many people but the cool, crisp air of Autumn can be a great motivator to breathe new life into your workouts. Beginning work on your own exercise program now can carry you through the cooler months and avoid the Winter weight blow out. Start out slowly […]

Healthy Body, Happy Mind: 7 Apps to Help Manage Your Mental HealthHealthy Body, Happy Mind: 7 Apps to Help Manage Your Mental Health 10

Finding the balance of physical and mental health When it comes to health and taking care of yourself, a holistic approach is always best. Health is a balance of physical and mental health, meaning neither should be neglected. Exercise provides a mood boost, thanks to the release of endorphins, which can give someone a more […]

Sweat Together, Stay Together: Active Date Ideasactive date ideas

Sometimes it’s easy to fall into the habit of forming dates around food or a movie/Netflix binge. While you might enjoy these dates, it’s important (particularly when we leave summer towards the cooler months) that it doesn’t become the go-to date idea.  While eating delicious food or treating yourself to Gold Class at the cinema […]

Top Tips for Managing Chronic PainTop Tips for Managing Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the most crippling problems affecting overall health. It is also a major contributor to depression and anxiety. It can be quite difficult at work to explain to your boss that you can’t sit down all day because you have a constant pain in your lower back and its bad for […]

Tips on Finding Motivation to ExerciseTips on Finding Motivation to Exercise

Instead of force-feeding information about the countless health benefits of exercise, we want to help you discover your motivation to exercise, because this is far more effective. We all know that exercise is good. Like drinking the recommended daily water intake and eating your greens. This doesn’t mean that we all do it regularly, although […]

Meet KarenMeet Karen 11

Why Perseverance Is Key Karen started Physio in May this year for knee pain. She came in looking for an alternative to more surgery, and she found it. Karen realised to get the results she wanted, she had to do the exercises given to her. Everyday. What followed was a perfect example of how persistence […]

Restore Your Gut Flora and Improve Your Healthnaturopathy newcastle

You may have heard all the hype lately about gut health, but do you know why it’s so important? One of the guts most important jobs is to act as a storage site for friendly bacteria, for every human cell there is 10 microbes and most of these live in your digestive tract. Think of […]

What’s the difference between Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy?What's the difference between Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy

Rather than being roped in by buzz words when it comes to your health, it’s good to know which health professionals can assist you the most. When recovering from an injury or trying to prevent one from happening by strengthening your body, you don’t want to be taking risks.  Exercise physiologists and physiotherapists are health […]

Linking Physical and Mental HealthLinking Physical and Mental Health 12

It’s likely that if an individual is experiencing poor mental health conditions, that they will also experience elements of poor physical health and vice versa. While this may not always be the case, generally, physical and mental health are connected and influence one another. Health has several dimensions- emotional, intellectual, physical, social and mental- each […]