Actively Surviving the Pandemic: How to Stay Positive and Active While the World Battles COVID-19Actively Surviving the Pandemic

What is COVID-19? COVID-19 is the technical name for the new strain of coronavirus that is sweeping the globe as we speak. First identified by an outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, the COVID-19 strain has not been previously identified to affect humans, but rather has been carried by species of bat. Since it is […]

How to Prevent and Cope with Shin SplintsHow to Prevent and Cope with Shin Splints -

What are Shin Splints? Shin splints, medically known as tibial stress syndrome, is the term used to refer to the pain felt anywhere along the shin bone. The exact reason pain is felt in the shins is unknown. Some studies believe it could be caused by tendons and muscles that run the length of the […]

Why is Personal Growth Important?Why is Personal Growth Important? -

Personal Development and Growth: the what, why and how of bettering the self and how to start a personal growth plan today Personal growth is the process of an individual becoming aware of the ‘self’ in its entirety, followed by taking steps to address the behaviour, attitudes, values, actions and habits that they wish to […]

Remedial Massage for Newcastle Office WorkersRemedial Massage for Newcastle Office Workers

How many hours do you spend at your office desk looking at a laptop/computer? Consider your posture as you sit…do you: slouch? cross your legs? reach too far for the mouse or keypad? sit in the same position for hours? These are but a few causes of why you potentially feel pain when you are […]

Newcastle and the Hunter Marathon Guide for 2020Newcastle and the Hunter Marathon Guide for 2020

Get Running in your local area People enjoy running in marathons for various reasons.  Whether it’s for weight loss, to support charities and bring awareness to a charity that is close to someone’s heart, to improve fitness, to be social by running with their local running group or just for run. Whatever your reason is, […]

Benefits of Interval TrainingBenefits of Interval Training

The Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)   With our modern busy lifestyles, we can find ourselves under time restrictions, and often under pressure, to find the most efficient ways to spend our time. Hight Intensity Interval Training is a great way to exercise and can help burn more calories and improve overall health […]

Overtraining in the General PopulationOvertraining in the General Population

Overtraining in the general population What it means for performance   What is overtraining? To overtrain is to work beyond the bodies capacity to recover. Overtraining is caused by reduced recovery time between training efforts, or increased training intensity (frequency, load, duration). The most easily felt symptoms are fatigue (despite good sleep and good quality […]

Simple Morning Stretches to Kick Start your DaySimple Morning Stretches to Kick Start your Day

Starting your day off with some simple stretches can really help energise your body and prepare for the day.  Stretching is a great way to get your body’s circulation going and get some flexibility in your joints and muscles, especially after a good few hours of lying in bed. Here are 4 simple stretches to […]

Transcend Health: Duncan’s StoryTranscend Health: Duncan’s Story

“You must find it really satisfying helping people”. Clients of Transcend Health say this to me all the time. Typically, I would answer in my cheerful way “oh, you know, most days”. Honestly, 85% of the time, I love it, but, this hasn’t always been the case. After a few years practicing, most physio’s start […]

How Technology is Changing the Way We ExerciseHow Technology is Changing the Way We Exercise

Today technology is an inevitable part of our lives. It plays an important role in everything (well almost) we do or experience every day. From the time we get out of our beds to turning back in after a long hard day, it follows us everywhere; workplaces, meetings, restaurants, cinema, shopping malls, social hangouts and […]